Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"I Love Lucy" on NPR's "Studio 360" Radio Show!

As you may know, The Flaming Nose TV Blog is named for Lucille Ball's famous Hollywood moment in I Love Lucy where she sets her nose on fire when Desi brings William Holden home to meet her. We love Lucy, and just came across this entertaining and informative radio hour from this past October on National Public Radio's Studio 360 program, part of their "American Icons" series, all about I Love Lucy and its place in American culture. It's well worth a listen!

You can find it here. We think you'll also want to meander around the Studio 360 site a lot; there are archived programs on all sorts of interesting topics. I just listened to one about The Wizard of Oz and it was terrific! You can also get the show on your IPhone and they're on Facebook, too, of course -- all the latest fancy technology, don't you know?

P.S.: We'd also like to put in a plug for a charming couple who are vying to win a Lucille Ball Hometown Wedding contest. We really love the I Love Lucy video that Belinda Campos and Jonathan Moctezuma put together, a wonderful reenactment of the classic scene where Lucy gives Ricky a messy scalp treatment when he thinks he's going bald. Belinda and Jonathan do a wonderful job and deserve your support! You can vote for them online here, and you can vote once a day until February 11th, so get in there and help them out!

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Jane said...

What a wonderful heads up for a show on my favorite radio network. The NY Times had a great article the other day about how all forms of media (TV, websites, radio) are merging due to the Internet. One big Mash-up. I think the Flaming Nose should take this as "go-ahead" to include all types of media content in our posts, as you have done here. The pipeline doesn't really matter anymore, it's the content...and we LOVE LUCY stuff no matter where it is located!