Monday, January 17, 2011

Did You Watch Ricky Gervais Host "The Golden Globes" Last Night?

I've got it DVRed to watch today. I read a couple of things about him being quite savage, which is understandable perhaps, and he can do that easily. I have to say I liked his opening monologue here. I'm looking for the whole show online, but until now, this will have to do, and it's pretty good. And kinda mean.

Just on the edge of being unsuitable -- expected for Ricky Gervais. I recently watched his newest HBO comedy special and there was less of the charm and more bile, which maybe is his thing now that he's so popular. Though he's coasting nicely on his The Office residuals and his Extras was incredible TV, he's made a couple of movies which were quite good but he's yet to break much ground as a big screen performer. (The Invention of Lying is highly recommended.)He's got a lot of heart and maybe that's not what's on order these days, but let's not hope he's going to lose his whimsical Everyman personality forever.

Has all his success just made it easier for Gervais to stop playing nice and be the bastard he was all along? I can't quite fathom that's the case here, but there's more than a pint of bitter brewing in there...


Jane said...

Well I doubt he'll be invited back and it seems that was his objective all along. The real question should probably be..."was he funny"? And the answer to that I think is yes. So he has, at the very least, proved a comic can lose a bunch of weight and still get the laughs! :)

Frankly, I thought Robert DeNiro's speech was much weirder and it made me sort of uncomfortable!

Jane said...

He will also be interviewed on the Piers Morgan (CNN) show tonight. That will make for some super interesting TV!