Thursday, July 22, 2010

Louis CK. We. Just. Love. Him.

Flaming Nose founders (Lisa and Jane) have long considered hot comics as rulers of the media roost when it comes to sex appeal. Leading men like Brad Pitt and George Clooney? Yeah, they're pretty but whatever. Clever hunks like the Old Spice Dude (Isaiah Mustafa)? Nice, but what would we actually DO with him. Don't answer that.

The truth is, what really floats our boat and leads us to all manner of interesting obsessive-compulsive behaviors, are the funny ones. We've gone nuts for Ricky Gervais hosting award shows and Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords makes us giddy. Eddie Izzard is a cross dresser, do you think that quells our passion for him one tiny bit? And we don't care how chunky Alec Baldwin gets on 30 Rock; let him cough up a one liner about the Peacock network and we swoon. Smart and funny...funny and smart. Bring on the dark wit to light up our day. Humor + brains = Flaming Nose aphrodisiac.

So without further ado, I would now like to declare our eternal devotion for Louis CK, the hottest comedian in the U.S.A. starring on the best (and weirdest) comedy on TV (Louis: Tuesdays at 11pm on fX). Is he funny? I've fallen off the couch laughing so many times, I should pad the floor. Is he smart? He's the Einstein of comedy. Is he gorgeous? Who the hell cares? Anyway he's got that Irish looking thing going on, which works for me. His TV show is also wonderfully nuanced and the writing is sublime. We get real pathos and brilliant characters along with the laughs. And I'm here to say that I don't just love Louis. I also like him a lot and wish he was my neighbor so I could invite him to a BBQ.

This week's amazing episode saw Louis flying from NYC to the deep south to do a stand up gig. It was like "Airport" mixed with "Deliverance" with a sprinkle of "Seinfeld". Actually, it was nothing like any of those things, but it did involve a deeply disturbed Bubba cop in Alabama who needed a kiss. Don't ask...just watch.

If anyone would like to join The Flaming Nose for a big Louis CK love fest, please let us know. Go ahead and watch it on fX or Hulu or YouTube, then come back here and tell us what you think. But we saw him first, so hands off!


Judith said...

lisa and jane,

you have a point about humor, but i'm not giving up simon baker yet!!!!

Lisa said...

We. Sure. Do.

He's amazing. Watched some of his stand-up special on HBO again last night -- compelling, fascinating, irresistible, absurd, disturbing -- perfection!

Beautiful post, Jane!

Lisa said...

I think this week's episode is a perfect one for non-"Louie" viewers to take the plunge. Hilarious, uncomfortable, humane, and touching, this episode had everything!

Jane said...

You're right, it was flawless. They will be studying it in media classes at universities 5 years from now. I think I'm going to go watch it again, right this minute!

Lisa said...

I watched it again last night also! Loved it and love Louie!