Sunday, July 11, 2010

Louis CK: Sick, Surreal and Funnier than Anything I've Ever Seen on TV Before

A few weeks ago, Lisa gave us a terrific heads up for a new show on fX called Louis CK. It airs every Tuesday at 11pm, right after Rescue Me. For once the hyperbole in the promo is true....there is absolutely NOTHING like this show anywhere on TV. It is the darkest, funniest, raunchiest and in many ways most brilliant comedy I've ever seen on the small screen. This guy is a genius. But before you rush right over to fX this coming Tuesday, I have to offer a disclaimer. Louis CK is not for everyone. It's graphic, it's explicit. It's definitely not for kids. If you are sensitive about R+ rated programming (plenty of sex and violence), you better give Louis a wide berth.

I've seen two episodes so far and both made me choke they were so funny. Louis plays himself (stand up comic) but also a divorced Dad of two kids who is trying to re-enter the dating scene with horrific, disastrous results. On one encounter, his blind date keeps him waiting outside in the hall, where he is flashed by a naked octogenarian. There's a tiny glimpse of that psychotic moment in the promo below. In another episode, he plays poker with his other stand up buddies, and one of them starts a soliloquy about sex that is uncomfortable, screaming out loud funny and ultimately poignant. You have to see it to believe it. Or not, because...gotta mention that disclaimer again folks.... this is for mature audiences only.


Amy said...

I've seen his stand up routine. In fact, I'm nearly certain he's the comic I saw at the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC in May. He was very funny. Can't wait to see the show!

Jane said...

If you have them saved On Demand, you can go back and watch the two that Lisa and I have seen. Or just start recording them this Tuesday. I usually rate TV and film content by how much I think about a show after I've seen it. I have literally not been able to stop thinking about Louis CK. Had to go back and watch them both twice.

Lisa said...

He's amazing and the show is truly unlike anything else. Very real, too -- he's no slick youngster.

Looking forward to tomorrow's show!