Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get Mad with Us This Sunday

It's about cocktails and New York City and men in suits. It's about a time when Winston tasted good, like a cigarette should. It's about the glamor and horror of America's Camelot days, when there was still so much promise and hope but we had to walk a long dark road to get there.

It's about Don Draper, a terribly damaged human with the soul of a poet. It's about the birth of media and the magic of advertising. A Kodak carousel is not slide projector. It's a time machine, a circle of memories that lives forever in your mind.

Thank all the TV Gods that be, Mad Men returns this Sunday at 10PM. On AMC. To remember why we love it, click on this link.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Sundays are brilliant again! Nothing gets you into the mood to watch "Mad Men" like watching some -- which I did this past week. What a show -- we've missed it, and now it's back!

A great heads-up!