Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Star Trek Live" Coming to Kennedy Space Center This June!

This is a bit of news to warm the hearts of all NASA-loving, Trek-crazed fans out there -- and include us in! CBS Consumer Products (and doesn't it just kind of get you that with all the corporate machinations over the years, Star Trek is now under the thumb of a company that didn't even originally broadcast the show?) and Mad Science Productions have announced a live interactive show which will debut at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this June.

SciFi Wire has the complete press release here, so take a look. This is great news -- any Star Trek news is great news around here -- but especially so because it's connected with the real space program and NASA, and will take place at one of the most popular and most important tourist attractions in the nation, the Kennedy Space Center.

If you're interested in reading about the specifics of the presentation, read the Mad Science Productions description of the attraction here. They sound like a neat company, with plenty of experience putting on shows which combine excitement and a learning component. Star Trek Live! would seem to fit right in with their expertise.

There is nothing specific in the announcement, but we'll assume that this will be new movie Star Trek and not old-school Trek, but that's okay with us -- we love them both!

Congrats to NASA for reaching out into pop culture to excite visitors as they learn about the grand history behind space exploration, and then perhaps dare to dream into the future. Because without real-life scientists and astronauts, we're never going to be friends with the Vulcans, are we?

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Jane said...

If I had a dollar for every time I read about a real life NASA astronaut mentioning Star Trek as his/her inspiration for getting into the space program...I'd be rich. What perfect synergy for blending art and science. Maybe this will help NASA gain private $$$, now that the government seems to be taking support down a few notches. Bravo to your post Lisa!