Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Back in Touch with My Inner "Gleek"

"Glee" returned to Fox this past Tuesday and it is stronger than ever. Thanks to a perfect mix of humor, pathos, wonderful characters and top notch, exquisitely choreographed song and dance numbers, Glee is worthy of its very loyal following.

Most of my personal gleefulness is still driven by the amazing Jane Lynch, for her "take no prisoners" performance as Sue Sylvester, terrifying and tyrannical coach of the Cheerios cheer-leading club. Ms. Sylvester does not have a politically correct bone in her towering stork-like body. She is Machiavellian, she is Patton in a track suit. I have a Facebook friend who is a retired United States Marine corp Major, and Sue S. is one of his favorite TV characters.

Playing beautifully against character, this week's season opener of Glee featured Sue in an amazing satirical impression of Madonna's iconic "Vogue" video. It's a must see, and you can watch it on the Fox website or Hulu.

All the other wonderful "Glee" characters are back this season too, plus they have cut screen time way back on Glee club coach Will Schuester's off the charts annoying (and now mercifully ex) wife. Broadway star Lea Michele continues to shine as the ultra-driven Rachel. She's unlucky in love, but boy can she belt a song into the balcony.

Going to try to post some promo videos here to give a taste of the new season. We'll see if they last more than 15 minutes before Fox takes them down.


Lisa said...

I know I should watch this, but haven't quite gotten there yet. I think it's a little *too* popular right now for me! But boy, it's wonderful to see a show catch on with many different age groups! Great write-up!

Jane said...

Isn't it weird how sometimes you just can't find the where-with-all to tune into certain things that other folks (and a good many critics) seem to love? For me, The Wire has always fallen into this bucket. I've tried and tried, and i just can't seem to last more than 10-15 minutes before I totally give up.

I think you would watch "Glee" if it was a non-Newscorp cable show! ;)