Monday, April 5, 2010

DOC: The Documentary Channel Comes to DirecTV

I've been favorably impressed by DOC: The Documentary Channel, which recently secured a spot in DirecTV's channel line-up. Also available on DISH and a few other cable systems -- but by no means as widely distributed as it should be after four years in business -- the network seems to have a terrific supply of documentaries available to broadcast.

Check if your system has it, and if you haven't yet tuned in, give it a try. If your system hasn't picked it up yet, write a letter or make a phone call and ask for it. This is a must-have channel.

In their own words: "The Documentary Channel: A new digital cable channel dedicated to airing, exclusively, the works of the independent documentary filmmaker."

Some pretty important words there, starting with "independent". We need more of that.

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