Friday, January 11, 2008

Remembering Johnny Grant

For those of us who worked at KTLA-TV years ago, the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant was also our co-worker. He was director of Public Affairs at the station for years and it was a boring day indeed if you didn't get a chance to chat with him as he passed by. As many of you probably have heard already, Johnny died on Wednesday, and many very nice tributes are showing up. I wrote one for my other blogger life at Turner Classic Movies Movie Morlocks site, which I will point you to for more info on Johnny and some great links to coverage.

The friend I refer to at the end of the post is indeed fellow Flaming Noser Jane--thanks for the phrase! Johnny Grant was always nice to everybody, and I recommend going to the L.A. Times' article and checking out all the comments that have been posted about him. It's clear that he had a tremendous positive influence on everybody he met, and boy, wouldn't you like somebody to say that about you when you're gone?

He had his own website but it was down yesterday (and it's still down today) because of too much traffic. Let's hope that somebody takes it over and keeps it alive as a tribute to this man who kept Hollywood on the map and never lost the zest for life. So long, Johnny!

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Jane said...

What a lovely tribute to Johnny on this and especially your excellent Turner site. He has actually gotten tremendous press since his passing, I am quite astonished by the volume. But he literally came in contact with everybody and anybody who was famous in H town, so it makes sense that he left a legacy. Goodbye Johnny. I remember you well from my youthful days at KTLA.