Monday, January 21, 2008

"Life After People" -- Tonight on the History Channel

Quel domage! The Eiffel Tower has turned into the Leaning Tower, and there's nobody left on Earth to prop her back up again. That's the intriguing premise of Life After People, History Channel's new two-hour documentary premiering tonight at 9pm. Envisioning an Earth where humanity has been wiped out, LAP puts on screen the hypothetical conclusions which scientific experts surmise might be the fate of what's left behind after we've gone.

As the cities and landmarks crumble, what of the various ecosystems? Will kudzu take over the Empire State Building? Will wolves roam the White House (and one might ask aren't they already)? Life After People is another one of those amazing apopcalyptic scenarios that are so fascinating (to some of us, at least) and work so well on TV these days thanks to the terrific special effects available to illustrate them.

The special promises intelligent theories, a perhaps shocking and unthinkable possible future, and a chance to ponder the imponderable -- Mother Earth sans her homo sapien inhabitants.

I know I'll be glued to the set, and I hope you are too!

Life After People, tonight at 9pm, and it will run several more times during the week. Check out the History Channel website for more information, the whole schedule, and special features on this riveting special.


Jane said...

I'll tell you one thing. It won't be a good place for house cats after all the humans go kaput. No more Fancy Feast. No more clean kitty litter boxes. And all the computer key boards will be cold and not fun to lie on. By the way, I think Rapture crap is really weird and mean.

JanA said...

This show was awesome, so much so that I watched the repeat and taped it to watch again. Television cannot be judged a "vast wasteland" when it offers excellent fare such as this. Fine job, History Channel.