Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Feasty Boys Eat America!

The Feasty Boys are coming to town. Please make sure your prescriptions for cholesterol lowering medication are up to date and filled. Jon Mayer and Jim Stump are two cheerful and rotund cooking advisers, who insist that the main ingredients for balanced meals are the "Four B's": Beer, Butter, Bacon and Better not forget the Cheese!

Jon and Jim hail from Maryland, and together they have provided nearly 600 pounds of Good Ole Boy fun to ESPN's morning show Cold Pizza as well as Good Morning America. Now they will be showcased on The Travel Channel , and you can catch their shenanigans January 16th at 8pm. An upcoming episode has them visiting a cranberry bog in New England so they can demonstrate how to make a deep fried turkey injected with butter and cranberry juice. There are already a few artery clogging cooking shows on the air. Paula Dean on the Food Channel comes to mind...we love it when she says "Butta" in her pearly Georgia drawl. But few look as down home fun as The Feasty Boys. Emeril Lagasse used to be the Pied Piper of cooking for regular guys, but he's just too darn important now. He was the Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade 2008, for heaven's sake! For big boy cookin' with dudes who look like they'd be happy to pull up a lawn chair at your house and crack open a beer, The Feasty Boys are just what the doctor (preferably a cardiac surgeon) ordered.
(This blog is dedicated to my dear brother, the late Eric Collins, who loved science, cooking and pork fat, and not necessarily in that order)

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Lisa said...

Thanks for turning me on to this great show! I don't know how I've missed it, but it sure sounds dee-lishus! MMMMMM!

My kind of cooking!

Eric would indeed have loved this!

-- lisa