Monday, June 18, 2007

Rescue Me 2007, Episode 1

I've been waiting for someone to blog about Rescue Me to I could send in comments about it, but alas, no one has contributed. I will offer my comments in bullet point format as I don't have the energy for sparkling prose tonight.

  • Anything in the firehouse venue including the hockey vs basketball argument, the endless comic banter, the return of the chief with pizzas in hand, but excluding the new boring silver haired guy who wants to talk about propane.
  • The outstanding special effects, element of surprise and edge of your seat drama of the exploding house and multiple cat rescue.
  • The music...consistently weird and memorable throughout.
  • Any scene with the horrible, selfish, annoying and endlessly boring ex-wife.
  • Any scene with the new plastic doll baby.
  • Any scene with the horrible teenage daughter who takes after her mother.
  • The stupid girl who saved Tommy Gavin. And I hate her dumb purple dress from Barneys.
I didn't really mind Tatum O'Neil and her porn obsession, but I wish they'd give her some better lines. It needs more focus on Kenny, he's the funniest guy on the series and always the most realistic.

Kind of a mixed beginning, but hope springs eternal that they'll iron out the wrinkles as the season goes along.

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Lisa said...

I just couldn't get my act together to do a whole thing about it, but I agree with your points. I do love Tatum O'Neal in the show and a good porn obsession seems right in character. It's just impossible not to be riveted by Dennis Leary, he's so amazing, scary and hilarious at the same time, and I love the off-color banter in the firehouse, like you. What a show! This could be a great season. I'm not sure I dislike his ex quite as much as you do, but we'll see!