Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Dramatic Series Black-Out

My goodness. First it was The Sopranos controversial cut-to-black ending. This time, if you've been following FX's Rescue Me, then you know about the shocking event at the very close of this week's episode. If you missed it on Wednesday, you have a couple more chances to catch it -- tonight Friday at 11pm Eastern, and Sunday evening at 10pm Eastern. The show appears to be going on a two week hiatus but will be back after that.

There's a viewers guide that you can download which might be useful if you've missed any of the show, and even if you're a captivated fan from day one, it's a great resource. It's a little too heavy on production personnel bios rather than show background, but take a look. Be warned: it's an 80MB download. I know that Flaming Nose correspondent Jane is a huge fan; we haven't spoken about this latest episode yet, but oh, my.... If you've any doubts that you should be watching, read her earlier appreciation of the first episode of this season.

If you want to play catch-up, the three previous seasons of Rescue Me are all available on DVD now. I think you will be hooked, but be aware that the language is delightfully salty and often explicity and hilariously sexual. If you've a delicate sensibility you have been warned.

-- lisa


Jane said...

Yes, Lisa is correct. The ending of this episode is a real mind blower. I want to write about it, but I can't really do it justice without being a spoiler. So I will wait a couple of days.

I have an idea for a blog entry on a little slice of television history. Does anyone know what TV shows were popular in 1983? I'm drawing a blank. All I can remember is that KTLA in Los Angeles was running an Austalian women's prison soap opera in Prime Time. Our favorite character was Frankie the bull dyke who threatened all the new girls by saying, "yor gonna be in here for years and years an years".

More on the TV history thing later...more on this week's Rescue me later....!


Jane said...

Hey do you do that cool thing where you turn the word Rescue Me into a link to their site. Yeah, I work on the Internet, but I don't know squat when it comes to technical sometimes!