Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trekilicious! Star Trek Eye Candy!

I just came across this neat thing on Nerdist -- professional artist and illustrator Nick Acosta has worked with frames from Star Trek and Star Trek: TNG to really make them appear widescreen, and we don't mean just cutting off tops and bottoms of the frame to create a rectangle (as is often done on TV to headache-inducing results).  He unleashes the classically gorgeous cinematic quality of especially the original series, with its insanely vivid colors which are a trademark of the show.

You can see his creations for ST:TNG by clicking here, along with a great explanation of how he does it.  His work on the original series can be seen by clicking here and there are even more examples available on Nick's website by clicking here.  Nick's expertise as an artist really gives him an eye for the potential in Trek's iconic images.  Be sure to look at Acosta's other work on the site because he's a TV and movie fan who loves what we love.  Don't miss his NASA tribute ala Kubrick!

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