Thursday, November 20, 2014

Special Happy Birthday Today to the Exceptional Estelle Parsons!

She's covered in our other November 20th birthday post, but we just have to give actress Estelle Parsons a super shout-out for being incredible for all these years!  We all know about her wonderful theater work which she started in 1961 after transitioning from a TV news career which included a stint as an on-air reporter for The Today Show. A multiple Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner, Estelle Parsons has been giving us consistently honest, compelling and entertaining work for over fifty years.  Amazing.

In addition to her acclaimed theater work, we salute Parsons for her extensive film work including her Academy Award-winning role (Best Supporting Actress) as Blanche Barrow in the groundbreaking 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde.  

She was also nominated in the same category a year later for her work in the very fine film Rachel, Racheldirected by Paul Newman and starring Joanne Woodward.  Here's a great behind-the-scenes trailer/featurette for the movie.

Concurrent with her film and theater work, Estelle was steadily working in television, with frequent series guest star work as well as several TV movies such as the 1973 thriller Terror on the Beach costarring Dennis Weaver:

Most memorably, Estelle played opposite James Earl Jones in the TV movie telling of one of the most famous alleged alien abductions ever, 1975's unforgettable The UFO Incident:

Screen Actors Guild Conversations interview with Estelle Parsons from June of this year:

Estelle Parsons is a true national treasure.  Happy Birthday, Estelle Parsons!

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