Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Farewell Steve Jobs

An outpouring of grief is covering the web, as the wizard of Silicon Valley Steve Jobs passes from this world. The best quote I read all night was from someone I don't even know on Facebook. "Thank you for changing the world and putting it in the palm of my hand".

The Flaming Nose recognizes tech and creative genius Steve Jobs, who changed the world with Pixar (movies), iPod and iTunes (music), and personal communication/information (Macs, iPhones and iPads). As a Star Trek fan, I've spent my whole life waiting for the sparkly futuristic world of tricorders and communicators. Steve Job's products made me feel like we had already arrived.

Below you'll find what is widely recognized as one of the greatest television commercials of all time. The 1984 Apple advertisement is directed by Ridley Scott ("Bladerunner") Sci-Fi movie auteur. It aired once during the Super Bowl, blew everyone's mind and went on to win buckets of awards. Although we ran this spot on the Nose a few years back, it seemed like a good time to put it up again. See the Apple 1984 posted below.

Rest in peace Steve Jobs. Because of you, I can carry television in my pocket.


Amy said...

I never saw that commercial! Fabulous. Thanks for posting it, Jane.

Lisa said...

Wonderful tribute and it's sobering to realize how a brilliant mind can be brought down through untimely illness. Watching clips last night there were some where he was so thin and obviously sick but so enthusiastic and eloquent for his products that it was surely mind over matter that kept him going -- and what a mind!

Jane said...

It's extraordinary to think that in this age where industry titans are widely despised as greedy despots, Steve Jobs is mourned like he was a family member all over the world. Maybe it's because so many of us formed a close personal attachment with his amazing products. Maybe it's because he was so different from the Wall Street stereotypical robber barons. While they take home hundreds of millions a year in undeserved bonuses...Jobs self dictated annual salary? $1.00 per year. He so believed in what he was doing, all he wanted was the stock in the company. Much to admire.