Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Movie Night

Dancing with the Stars had a movie theme last night. It gave us a
happy ending for some and a box office disaster for others (Nancy Grace and Chynna Phillips both crashed and burned).

I didn't do a post last week, but would like to catch up by saying BOTH of my predictions for "getting the boot" came true. Elisabetta the Italian supermodel and Kristin the blond blah are both gone with the wind.

Last week's theme was highly emotional, with the stars selecting songs that meant something personal from their past. I cried like a baby over JR's beautiful tribute to the men and women in uniform. His dance was heartbreaking and beautiful.

The bottom of the leader barrel for me this week was Chynna, who is usually so accomplished. She forgot her moves to "Mission Impossible" and by the time she faced a tongue lashing from the snippy judges, even her false eyelashes were askew. At the high end for scores...Ricki Lake got two perfect 10's and a 9 to become the top rated of the night. I'm not sure I understand why she got those scores, but the judges all seem to favor her, she's definitely the teacher's pet. JR turned in another wonderful performance, dancing to the theme from the "Pink Panther".
He's so rhythmic and light on his feet. Loved the funny swaying butt panther move too. Inexplicably,
the boring girl judge (Carrie Ann) marked JR down for adding humor to the dance (EXCUSE me...but The Pink Panther movie was a comedy!).

Who will go home tonight? The most likely suspects are Carson and Chaz. Neither one has much of a chance for pulling it out of the fire for the long run. I think Carson is the most vulnerable, even though the audience loves him for his humor and zaniness. He wore a charming blond mustache and feathered pirate hat for his

"Pirates of the Caribbean" dance. But last night's moment of triumph and drama was for Chaz. As his mom (Cher!!!) cried and cheered in the audience, he danced to the theme for "Rocky", even racing up the stairs at the end like Stallone in the iconic scene from the movie. I sure hope he chews a baby aspirin every day, because his heart got a workout last night for sure.

The mirror ball giveth and the mirror ball taketh away. I fear we may be saying hasta la vista to the blond pirate before the day is done.

Sorry no video this time. The iron fists have removed from YouTube. All the more reason to tune in and check it out yourself!

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Lisa said...

Always hilarious! Love the baby aspirin remark about Chaz! Keep 'em coming!!