Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shark Week 2011: Show Me Your Teeth Boys!

Every year the Nose likes to give folks a heads up that Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" is coming. Mark your calendars and set your alarms, the pointy teeth fest is coming our way this Sunday night, July 31st. Be sure and visit Discovery's blinking, pulsating, colorful Shark Week webpage by clicking the link above. There you can watch the FABULOUS "Show Me Your Teeth" promo video set to a Lady Gaga tune. Or you can see it right here by activating the video on The Flaming Nose. I must warn you that it is highly addictive, and I have suffered this song as an ear worm for 5 consecutive days.

And now, because I have already said plenty about Shark Week in past Flaming Nose posts; (see for yourself) 2010 or 2009, I'd like to add a few new random shark anecdotes.

First a Shark joke:
A man is swimming in the ocean when he happens upon a shark. He's so startled, he punches the shark right in the nose. "What did you do that for?" asks the shark. The man says, "I was so scared, I thought you were going to eat me!" The shark says, "Well I am now". Existential. Funny. And sort of true...for most sharks, if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. Discovery's Shark Week coverage has evolved over the years to include many segments on shark ecology and conservation. One hopes the message resonates so that the shameful slaughter of sharks for their fins (to make a Chinese delicacy) will end.

Do You Think the movie "Jaws" is very popular in the People's Republic of China?
Because if you really think about it, there is a subtle socialist manifesto running through this movie's main themes, especially if you look at the key characters. Maybe that's why they are so intent on wiping out sharks by turning them all into soup! First there's Captain Quint: a rugged individualist (anti collectivism) who endangers the others by destroying the boat's radio. He is punished by becoming shark food. Then there's Matt Hooper: a wealthy young capitalist who hides under a rock (imperialist coward!) to escape the giant shark. Mayor Larry Vaughn is the most despicable character, responsible for many deaths because he keeps the beach open (selfish profiteer!) choosing money over human life. Only Chief Brody, man of the people...public able to heroically vanquish the monster fish in the end. Voila!

Watch Shark Week starting this Sunday. It's nice to have a TV series about sharp teeth that doesn't involve vampires!



Lisa said...

Most honorable Chief Brody! My favorite character in "Jaws" by far, except for Quint as he's being eaten by the shark!

Hurray for "Shark Week" and thanks for the heads-up!

Suzi said...

Love Shark Week. And, I liked the socialist reading of JAWS. Very amusing.