Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Breaking Bad" Returns to AMC Tonight at 10pm!

I knew it had been a while, but 13 months?  That's how long it's been since the end of the last round of AMC's riveting and award-winning series Breaking Bad, and now it's back for its fourth season!  That 13-month hiatus explains why BB isn't up for any Emmy Awards this year, but no doubt we can expect them back in line next year.  Breaking Bad just keeps getting better, and this season -- according to reports -- is extra-dark and guaranteed to thrill and shock us. 

If you've missed any episodes, it's never too late to catch up via DVD, and the 3rd season episodes are on AMC's On Demand menu at this time -- not sure when they will be going away, so better get to them as soon as possible.  You should also visit AMC's terrific and info-laden Breaking Bad website, which expertly summarizes each episode in great detail, and though it's not the same as watching, you'll get the pertinent plot points at least. 

The real pleasure in Breaking Bad is precisely in watching it -- no other show looks, especially in High Definition, so hypnotically beautiful, and yet most of the settings are stark, perhaps even ugly.  However, with that brilliantly blue New Mexico sky overhead and a countryside that looks more like Mars than this planet, it's completely hypnotic.  Also, lab equipment and tubes and vials never looked more efficient that on this show, especially now that Walter White is cooking his meth in a spiffy new lab.

Does Breaking Bad in any way glorify the drug trade? Oh, I don't think so.  I was just re-watching some of the episodes with Jessie and his late girlfriend, and they were about as grim and unappealing as any anti-drug PSA any ad maven could dream up.  I'd safely say you get the impression that drugs are for losers -- and for those without enough sense or money to stop using them.  Very sad life, very grungy, and we're right in the thick of it with Breaking Bad, as we watch our cast of characters getting kicked around and changing in not always desirable ways.

You won't find any better acting duo onscreen or TV now than Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Walter and Jessie, comrades in meth-cooking, strange bedfellows indeed, but one of the most fascinating relationships you'll ever enjoy seeing brought to life.  Every actor in Breaking Bad is superb, chilling, touching, terrifying, multi-faceted and utterly real.  This show has everything.

Breaking Bad and its 4th season premieres tonight at 10pm on AMC.  Visit the Breaking Bad website here for plenty of interesting info. 

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Jane said...

My only wish is that AMC had an east coast feed so I could watch it at 7pm instead of waiting until 10p. I can't think of a time where I have anticipated a new season more. Not only was last year's ending an incredible cliff hanger (I still remember the doomed Jesse replacement dude singing that crazy little Spanish song) but until reading your post I had no idea it had been over a year since the last episode. In that time span, the violence and craziness from the real life Mexican drug cartels has exploded, so I think this show is very prescient and right on target for what's happening now. Also, I agree that this show does not glorify drug dealing at all. Actually both Jesse and Walter White seem extraordinarily unhappy most of the time...they are certainly not living high on the hog with their drug money. Even their big boss doesn't seem to live a fabulous life. He just hangs out in that pollo chicken place, how fun could that be? Also--drug dealers end up with their cut off heads glued to a desert tortoise, jeez what a way to go. Terrible consequences...great TV show! Thanks for the reminder Lisa!