Monday, June 20, 2011

Game of Thrones: Season Finale Went up in Flames!

The magnificent Game of Thrones has ended its first season, after 10 one hour episodes that passed at the speed of light. Not since The Sopranos and Six Feet Under left HBO forever have I felt such a gaping void. At least those two series were well established when they started to kill off major characters (Chris-toe-fuh beloved Nate Fisher on 6 Feet?). Not so with the riveting, nail biting, insomnia inducing Game of Thrones. They wiped out the level headed (and now be-headed) leader Ned Stark as well as the hunky Khal Drogo, leader of the horse tribe. The latter met his untimely end at the hand of his lovely "Moon and Stars" mate, Daenerys (above) who merci-killed him with a pillow after he became a brain dead Zombie from the evil ministrations of a tribal witch. The smirking wicked witch got her comeuppance (yay) in the last five minutes of the last night's program...tied to the Khal's blazing funeral pyre just before Daenery's walked herself into the flames. I thought that was the end of our fair haired Khallisa, I really did. Although I quite expected the Dragon Eggs to hatch, I never dreamed that the Dragon Queen would rise Phoenix-like from the ashes. And with three of the cutest CGI baby dragons perched all over her naked, soot stained body. I defy any series on television to have a more astonishing ending. A billion times better than the cop-out on AMC's The Killing. I faithfully watched every episode of that rain-drenched, dreary, depressing crime show only to find out that they weren't going to solve the crime until NEXT season. Not cute. And it really pissed off a lot of folks online, I saw some scorching comments about it on Entertainment

And now, because I'm already feeling sad Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms and will probably need some sort of support group to make it a whole year until Season Two...I shall list my top five favorite characters. This is not an easy compilation. There are dozens of great characters in this series.

Tyrion Lannister: He's handsome, he's witty, he's quite the ladies man. Nobody cares that he's a dwarf except for his mean old Dad, and even the Lannister patriarch admitted in last night's episode that Tyrion is one smart cookie. He's been appointed the "Hand" of Kings Landing, and he doesn't look too thrilled with the news. It will probably involve reduced wine consumption. I sense an Emmy nomination for Peter Dinklage with this role!

Arya Stark: From the very first episode, Arya was established as one of the bravest warriors. She won't back down, she'll take no prisoners, and she's all of 11 years old and probably 70 pounds soaking wet. She has already killed one fat bratty pervert and she almost killed another in the season finale. When last seen, Arya was headed "north" disguised as a boy, after witnessing her beloved father's brutal demise.

Jon Snow: He's got a chip on his shoulder because he's a "bastard" and doesn't share the Stark family name. Darkly handsome in a sullen sort of way, he seems like the kind of loyal chap who you'd always want on your side in any big brawl. Frankly, if he teamed with his young half-sister Arya, they'd be a formidable force. But he's stuck defending the "wall", in a perpetual frozen purgatory. I think they need cable television at the "wall", man that's a boring job.

Daenerys and her Dragons: She can eat a raw horse heart without throwing up. She is a natural born leader. She looks like a Christmas Tree angel, but does not tremble before the fiercest enemy. And of course now she is a mom to triplet Dragon babies. Please, please let her get to ride them when they grow bigger!

Jaime Lannister: Yeah, he's a bad guy. He's bad to the bone, no doubt about it. But he's not nearly as evil as his sister-wife (not in the Mormon Way) Cersei and he's Mother Theresa compared to his pointy headed psychopath son Joffrey. How long before Sansa Stark takes an ice pick to her creepy betrothed? I'm sorry that I'm fascinated by Jaime. He looks like a young
Denis Leary, especially before he gets his face bashed in by a brick wielding Lady Stark. Why on earth wouldn't she send his head home on a pike? Guess we'll have to wait until next season to find out. I think Bran Stark didn't die so that we don't have to completely hate Jaime. There may be redemption in store for this Lannister.

Things to do while waiting a whole year for the next season:

  • Read the Song of Fire and Ice books on which GOT was based (George R.R. Martin)

  • Watch all the repeats over and over on HBO On Demand

  • Build a baby dragon sculpture out of Play-doh on the kitchen table

  • See if there are any Game of Thrones discussion groups to join in Silicon Valley so I can hang with those folks who are equally bereft now that it's over. Puh-leez, with all the nerds in this area, there must be a meet up group, or possibly even a theme restaurant by now.
Any other Game of Thrones Mega-Fans out there, please let me know. We have to support each other...the long winter is coming!


Lisa said...

I still haven't watched it but am looking forward to it! However, two of my three favorite characters are gone -- Ned and Drogo -- and that is a big drag. Thank goodness for Peter Dinklage! At least the way people drop like flies reflects a tremendously brutual life -- actually like real life, of course -- where ANYONE can die at ANYTIME...making for shocking predicaments and regret when your faves kick the bucket!

Amy said...

A very apt and witty summation, Jane. I'm disheartened to see the Klingon go. WTF? He was on the verge of becoming a "real" man. I'm also surprised they axed, literally, Ned, who I thought was an important and central character. At least we still have our dwarf. Without him the series is doomed!

Jane said...

I wish they had kept our Klingon, but I'm not as sad about the demise of Ned Stark. He needed a shave and a shampoo. Well actually, most of them do. Thank heaven's there is not smell-a-vision. I personally still love the series and think there are plenty of great characters/stories/dragons left to entice. My sadness is all about waiting a whole freaking year for the next season. I have no patience for that!

Joey said...

I have read a few of the books that the series was based on, and must say I am VERY pleased with the adaptation that is Game of Thrones. I do not know what I will do for a year without the show.. Maybe crawl in bed and cry. but anyways the books are worth a read as well :) and reading them while it does give you some insight to the story did not ruin the show for me... but maybe that is because I read them a few years ago. Anyways.. here's to waiting for Season 2.

Jane said...

Joey, your heads up about the books gives me hope. I plan to read them all...perfect for the summer and to keep HBO Game of Thrones withdrawl at bay!