Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Over 100,000 Visits to The Flaming Nose

Yesterday marked a milestone for The Flaming Nose TV blog. According to the Site Meter measurement widget, there have been over 100,000 visits to the Nose, and nearly 140,000 page views. Congrats, Flaming Nose!

*The Flaming Nose gets an average of nearly 400 page views per day, and about 260 visits.
*Over the past two months, The Flaming Nose has averaged approximately 6,000 visits per month.
*The top ranked post so far (by total page views) was "Blood Dolphins on Animal Planet", an article that covered the growing animal rights activism of AP and their series on the dolphin genocide taking place in Japan.
*Today alone, visitors came to The Flaming Nose from the following U.S. locations (among others):
--Conroe, Texas --Honolulu, Hawaii --St. Augustine, Florida --Tarrytown, NY --Las Vegas, Nevada --Mountain View, California (oops...that's me!)
*The Flaming Nose also has a substantial global readership. Today we have had visitors from
the following countries:
--South Africa --Kuwait --United Kingdom --The Ukraine --India --Poland --France --Spain --Canada --Ireland

Flaming Nose contributors Lisa, Judith, Jane and Scott would like to thank the world for stopping by to visit. We'll try to keep you coming back for more with our eclectic tastes in television content. Don't be shy about leaving comments, because we're always interested in what people have to say!

As they say in the TV Biz....stay tuned!


Lisa said...

Thanks to Jane for posting the hard-hitting "Blood Dolphins" post, even though we all are too wussy to watch the program and "The Cove".

We vow to keep up the good work here!

Jane said...

I still have not watched it to this day, but I'm very pleased that our readers made this post the top ranked. Maybe we have helped spread the word about the terrible harm being done to dolphins in Japan!

Amy said...

Congratulations girls (and some boys)!

Amy said...

BTW, I don't a review of "Raising Hope." I think it's one of the funniest and quirkiest commedies on TV - and on Fox no less (right after Glee). Cloris Leachman is a scream. What do you guys think? I just love it!