Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Few More Demented Dives about Dexter

It's dark...it's cold...and more than one Flaming Nose blogger's thoughts have turned to Dexter. I have been following it closely this season, now that I finally have Showtime again, and it is as riveting as ever. At this time, I would like to piggy back onto Lisa's Dexter post to point out a few additional items that I've been obsessing over lately.

1) What's Up with all the Bad Luck for Women? The last time a series was more fraught with peril for female characters was when a pioneer lady married Ben Cartwright on Bonanza. All of his wives ended up six feet under, and the women of Dexter are (mostly) cannon fodder for serial killers or very, very unlucky in love. I don't mind the new guest character Lumen (Julia Stiles) but my favorite is, and has always been, Dexter's intrepid cop sister Debbie Morgan. She is one of the most refreshing and honest (and salty tongued) characters on TV. This season has her poised for yet another horrible heartbreak with fellow detective Joey Quinn. I always thought the two of them would make an interesting couple, but let's just say that so far...it doesn't bode well. Lt. LaGuerta is also having problems with her hot headed new hubby Angel Batista. This season is making a really good case for avoiding romance in the work place.

2) The Most Important Meal of the Day. The other point I'd like to make, and I've wanted to do this for years, is that the opening credit sequence for Dexter is about as good as it gets. I'm sure the close up of Dexter shaving... the drops of blood... the fleshy pork chop filleted with a sharp knife, are all supposed to repel and fascinate. For me, the open (and I never get tired of it) only means one thing. Time to eat! Does anyone else get ravenous when they see what Dexter is going to have for breakfast? When he grinds that coffee (I'm sure it's a premium French Roast) and fries those eggs, I want to pick up a fork and dig right in along with him. And the blood oranges! Not an easy fruit to find, but boy are they yummy if they're available!

I love the carnival calliope music behind the breakfast open, and tried all week to write some appropriate lyrics to go along with it. Very hard to rhyme bloody hot sauce, eggs and thin white t-shirts, so I passed on that effort. Instead, I would like to offer two heartfelt Haiku poems, as homage to the Dexter series open, which I am putting below in case anyone needs to be reminded of its glory.

Haiku #1
Sizzling pork chop shot
Add the drops of Tabasco
Blood orange looks sweet.

Haiku #2
Tasty Dexter food
Crunchy meat and bright fried eggs
Don't forget to floss!


Lisa said...

Beautiful and now I'm really hungry, of course!

I don't like what's happening with Deb and Quinn -- this isn't going to be good for her, and I like her so much, too! I loved her scoffing line to Quinn when he was pouting about her leaving in the morning -- "We'll go to Disney World and ride all the roller coasters and hold hands...!" and he didn't know what she was talking about. I think we all did. Deb is the one with her head on straight here, Quinn is messing up! Will be really interesting to see what transpires!

Great post! I was a little cool on the show earlier, but it's revved up nicely! The whole LaGuerta/Batista marriage is also screwed up, and now that terrible sting op that went really bad. It's getting good on "Dexter" -- real good!

Lisa said...

I also meant to agree that the show is bad luck for ladies, but then, most crime-oriented shows are. More women getting flayed in primetime on TV than there should be. Women are still the easy targets and obviously dispensable. The casual use of female murder and torture on broadcast TV to get ratings is a disgrace, but then again, it's a response to what's happening in the brains of some Americans where they need to see mayhem in order to be persuaded to vote a certain way. Check out my review of Jerry Bruckheimer's "Chase" here for my opinions on that! And it worked, for pete's sake! yikes...