Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Emmy Stuff -- from Jace Lacob of "Televisionary"

Check out terrific television columnist Jace Lacob's take on this year's Emmy Awards with his "2010 Emmys: Who Will Win" predictions here, on the web's The Daily Beast.

If you're a Mad Men fanatic, you'll also want to read his fascinating article from Friday -- "Mad Men's Ice Queen" all about Betty Draper and actress January Jones, and why the character is on many viewer's hate-her list. He takes a deep look at the comparison between Betty's appeal and that of the brainy voluptuous take-charge Joan, played by Christina Hendricks. I grant him all the points about Betty Draper, but I fall slightly into the "I don't think January Jones is such a great actress" camp. He also talks about the simply more contemporarily likable persona that Joan is, and of course that is in many ways thanks to Hendricks' terrific performance. Read the article, you'll like it!

Hey, I think Mad Men is pretty kabuki most of the time, so terribly inscrutable and a series of classy tableaus that maybe seems to be more meaningful than it is, but I sure love it! And don't forget that there IS a new episode of Mad Men on AMC tonight, Emmy Awards or no Emmy Awards!

More Emmy stuff coming up!

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Jane said...

How utterly inspired to call Mad Men a kabuki show. Maybe it's also Chinese theatre too. Isn't it weird how something so slow should be like watching paint dry...and yet we are riveted?