Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sam Elliott!

We always like to give shout-outs to our favorites, and today's the birthday of Sam Elliott, the talented and oh-so-appealing actor whose been a staple of movies and TV for over forty years. In his younger days he was a staple on classic television series like Felony Squad, Land of the Giants, Mission:Impossible (he was a regular in the 5th season), Bracken's World, The Mod Squad and more, all the big ones. He easily transitioned to great TV movies and miniseries like The Sacketts, Wild Times, A Death in California, The Shadow Riders and so many others, often playing Western heroes with the dash befitting a movie star from the golden age, and sometimes stretching and playing villains with the same consummate skill and charisma.

He's also had a tremendous theatrical career, from the much-loved Lifeguard to his great turn as one of the Earp Brothers in Tombstone, and everything in between. We love Sam Elliott around here at The Flaming Nose, and wish him a very Happy Birthday!

We salute Sam with the trailer to a great TV movie Conagher he did in 1991 for TNT. I was there at the time and we always pleaded for a sequel, but it never happened. Too bad, because he was amazing and even better it co-starred his wonderful real-life wife and tremendous actress Katharine Ross. The trailer wrongly emphasizes all the fisticuffs and almost forgets to mention that there's a charming romance in there, but it's still good to see Sam Elliott up there in those captivating Western duds.

For a change of pace we're going to leave you with the trailer for the theatrical film Frogs from 1972, where Sam, along with Ray Milland and Adam Roarke, battles Mother Nature's minions gone mad!

Sam Elliott, you continue to rock our world!

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LAGal said...

I love him. I also love Katharine Ross. She was beautiful beyond description and she was a gifted actress. She deserved a much bigger career. Highly underrated. Thanks for posting. This is awesome!