Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, CNN!

Thirty years is a fairly long time, and that's exactly how long CNN's been around. The news network started by Ted Turner celebrates its 30th birthday today, and though times are a little tougher these days -- the net is no longer ne plus ultra in TV news, ratings-wise at least -- it still packs a comprehensive punch and is virtually synonymous with 24-hour coverage.

Many of my former Turner colleagues did time at CNN and from all accounts it was an exciting place to work, no doubt attracting the best, the brightest, the toughest and the most willing to work at wages at that time below the industry standard. It's paid off, and for those of us who can't bear the politically-motivated shrillness of Fox or the good but inconsistent (no weekend news?) coverage of MSNBC, CNN is still the one.

I recommend taking a look at this feature from the CNN website: Defining Moments from CNN's 30 Years. No doubt you'll remember many of these, as I did.

Congratulations, CNN! You were an idea who time had come, and thank goodness Ted Turner was around to make it happen.

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Jane said...

It will be Ted Turner's legacy. Truly one of the most innovative and important developments in television. Plus, it made a great name for my cat!