Monday, March 22, 2010

Edie Falco is Back as "Nurse Jackie" Tonight on Showtime

As if Bryan Cranston's unbelievable portrayal of Walt White on last night's season premiere of AMC's Breaking Bad weren't astounding enough to leave you speechless, you're getting another chance to be blown away by the best acting on TV. Edie Falco returns tonight for the second season opener of her amazing Showtime series Nurse Jackie, at 10pm.

Officially dubbed a "comedy" though really far from it, Nurse Jackie is the story of a dedicated and unconventional nurse who also happens to be addicted to pills, a devoted mother to her two daughters, a loving wife to her terrific husband, and a passionate mistress to her hospital paramour. In the hands of another actress -- well, you can't imagine anyone but Edie Falco playing the role, she's stunning and totally worth the price of admission. The rest of the cast is also terrific -- Peter Facinelli as a cocky young medico, Eve Best as Jackie's acerbic doctor best friend, Merritt Wever as Jackie's protege Zoey, to name a few.

If for no other reason than to watch one of our most accomplished actresses simply tear up the small screen, alternately amusing, moving and fearless, watch Nurse Jackie. Even if you didn't watch the previous season, watch Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco is really that good.

(Be sure to check out the Showtime Nurse Jackie website for lots of background info and a quartet of NJ-themed games to help you waste whatever time you aren't already wasting playing Farmville on Facebook, like we all are around here.)

Nurse Jackie, tonight on Showtime, 10pm.


Jane said...

I am absolutely heartbroken that I can no longer afford both HBO and Showtime, now that I am at the mercy of the evil empire Comcast cable. What's even sadder is that I used to work with all the guys running their national sales and marketing at Adlink. I wish they could give me a discount. But if I have to choose between HBO and SHOW...well, it's not television...., you know the rest.

Lisa said...

Comcast is evil, no doubt about it. Thank goodness we were able to go with Verizon in Florida! I will try to find a link to watch it -- they are out there!

Lisa said...

Here's a link to watch last night's episode. It's not a download, just click to play. Will open one pop-up ad but just close it. Quality is perfect.

Jane said...

Thanks to Lisa's online link I was able to watch the premier, and it was superb. The nurse Jackie character makes me very uncomfortable. She's a loose cannon to the max. If I had to work with her I'd kill myself. And people that are able to lead such well crafted double lives are usually sociopaths. That said, it makes for outstanding television. Can't get enough of Nurse J!