Monday, March 15, 2010

Milton Berle: By Himself

There's nothing timely about this, except to say that it was just posted on You Tube today. But I wanted to direct all Nosers to this very strange, beautiful, classic clip of good ol' Uncle Milty, from the long-gone Buick Berle Hour on NBC. You've never really seen the comic like this, all down-in-the-mouth 'n' sad 'cuz everyone else is having all the fun, and slinking backstage as he sings "I'm By Myself" over the soundtrack. It's an agile, noiry look behind the scenes, predating Saturday Night Live's reflexive jaunts into Lorne Michaels' office by 25 years. Plus, it takes a positively David-Lynch-by-way-of-Vincente-Minnelli turn at about the four minute mark that makes you wonder if, the next day, NBC execs were scratching their heads, wondering if Milton had gone around the bend from all that dress-wearin'. At any rate, this is total TV-centric fun, so I hadda post it here.


Lisa said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this clip? First off, I love Milton Berle, sort of...I once made a point of going up to him when he was eating in the patio at KTLA and saying how much I liked him and his work and what an honor it was to meet him, and it really was. Second, I love an introspective comedian who can sing, and he's really good here. What a wonderful clip! Wow! I love this calmer and depressed side of Berle better than the manic side, I have to say.

Great find, Dean! Keep 'em coming! We miss you here! More! More!

Dean Treadway said...

I'll do my best. I'll start off slow, and work my way up. And, hey, I'm glad to be back! I knew you'd all love the clip.