Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday Night TV on Sept 7th: So Many Programs, So Little Time!

An absolute plethora of television delights awaits us Sunday night (September 7th), Nose Fans. You better get your DVR and TiVo machines rolling because most of these programs are running concurrently.

First up is the 25th annual MTV Video Award ceremony, starting at 9m eastern. It's hard to believe MTV has even existed for a quarter of a century, but there you have it. The VMA's have developed a reputation over the years for being the bad boy "anti-award ceremony" where anything goes. Who could ever forget the year Prince appeared shaking his tiny little butt in a backless leotard? This year newcomer (to the US) Russell Brand, the quirky British comedian and hottie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) will be the irreverant host. Guest stars include Kobe Bryant, Scarlett Johannson, Shia Labeouf, Michael Phelps, Pink and Britney Spears, hoping to make a comeback after last year's train wreck appearance.

If you're an HBO junkie like me, Sunday night will provide a much needed and longed for fix. True Blood, Alan Ball's new vampire dramedy will premier Sunday from 9-10pm. The reviews have not been that favorable, but when you're starving for new programming it doesn't have to be caviar, a Ritz cracker will do.

At 10pm, the boys are back, as Entourage returns for its season five premier. Watch the high Hollywood shenanigans of Vince, Eric, Turtle and Drama, played by the increasingly talented and hilarious Kevin Dillon. Of course my heart belongs to Ari (Jeremy Piven) the psychotic agent with the hair trigger temper and microscopic heart of gold.

Last but not least, ABC is continuing the grand tradition of the old Bob Hope "entertain the troops" road show with "America United: In Support of Our Troops". A new generation of talent takes to the stage at military bases in the US and around the world to support our fighting forces. Starring Janet Jackson, Clint Black, Pamela Anderson, Carlos Mencia, DL Hughley and ZZ Top. Check out the website above for a link to leave a message for the troups, hundreds have done so already. Airing Sunday night from 9-11pm eastern.

When TV is this good on a Sunday night, it almost takes the sting out of the next day being Monday! Enjoy everybody!

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Lisa said...

And don't forget about "Mad Men" on AMC! Really looking forward to all these. I wonder if Ball's show will appeal to the young'uns -- do they usually watch HBO? And "Entourage" -- what a great show! Re-watched several the last week and can't wait to see what's happening! Thanks for the heads up, Jane!