Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Emmy Dud

Just a quick post from me... and in the spirit of the most boring awards show in decades, no artwork or links or videos from me!

I won't comment on whether the right shows won (except to say that plenty of my -and TFN's - faves won). My cohorts at TFN gave a live, real-time account and went into greater detail in the several posts below this one. So I'll keep this brief.

This was one of the worst produced Emmy telecasts I've ever seen. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the category orders. They wasted time with garbage and rushed the winners more than ever. So many categories are now included that there no time for clips. Except for Josh Grobin's amusing (and surprising-in a good way) medley of TV theme songs, the show was completely devoid of entertainment. The opening skit with the five hosts "having nothing" prepared fell flat. Most of the presenters and hosts stumbled along.

Brightest moment: Don Rickles and Kathy Griffin. They actually provided 6 or 7 great minutes. Don Rickles FTW!!

And I'm not grumpy because the show ran late and I'm tired. It actually ended on time - 2 minutes before the 11pm news. Unheard of. I just really disliked the broadcast! As a television program it fell short.


Lisa said...

Agree totally, Scott -- and great to hear from you! We miss you!

A complete blah of a show and seemed to me that something must have gone wrong timing-wise because they kept rushing some things and letting the reality host segments go on and on and on. Those multi-hosts were a total bust, I think. The show was also almost totally devoid of sentiment (good sentiment, the TV love kind) except for Rickles and for Tommy Smothers a little bit, but not much real emotion anywhere at all. In terms of a show it was horrible -- I was particularly apalled, as I wrote, the way they rushed everything along and then had an endless ending theme and credit roll that looked and sounded as classy as some crappy infomercial. Ick. And something obviously went wrong with those Memorable TV moments selections because they weren't there. It will be interesting to see the numbers...can't imagine it did well at all. Bad show, you are completely right! What a boring mess.

Jane said...

I agree 100% with both of you. What a total disaster. The multi-hosts were so unfunny and stupid. It didn't feel like the true tribute to TV that I anticipated. Even the Laugh-In reunion was cringe-city. I did love Ricky Gervais funny bit with Steve Carrell. I love both of them. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 3.5. I can't do a full post because I'm at my sister's house in Florida and her computer is too slow! Glad for the John Adams wins. Bye everybody.