Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prison Break -- Lets go back to Wentworth

I'm falling out of love with Prison Break as it launches into it's 3rd season. I used to recap it with someone at work the next day after it aired and we were very intrigued about the show and it's twists and turns and its sordid array of people--wondering if Lincoln or Michael would ever get out.
Now I often times forget to watch and find myself catching up on recaps on the web but not as often as I used to which says to me I'm slowly losing interest in the plot. Not sure why, and I will still remind myself to watch the show...or not. Yawn. Does he still have his body tatoo of his escape plan? Hmmmm.

Sunday afternoon as I sat around a food filled table with friends--one of whom I hadn't seen in many years (the friend not the food)--I was reminded of a show that had buried itself deep in the video tape library compartment in my head--and as if on cue it came back to life like an old VCR, insert tape, hit play and it played in my brain as though it were on the current new series list. And I sort of wish it were.

Anyone out there remember Prisoner Cell Block H? Go back to the late 70's. Were you watching KTLA? You might have been. Who could forget Wentworh Detention Center the fictional high security center for women in Melbourne, Australia? Remember?
Remember the tough talking lesbian Franky Doyle and her girlfriend Doreen? What about Lizzie Birdsworth who worked in the kitchen even though she was accused of poisoning someone? What about Lynn Warner accused of burying a child while in her care alive!!!?
Well the characters live on with in websites. I haven't gone to Net Flix yet to check and see if it is available but that may be coming up soon.

Until later...see you on The Flaming Nose


Lisa said...

Boy, do I ever remember "Prisoner: Cell Block H"! It was one of the craziest breakout independent TV hits ever when the distributor brought it over from Australia. I think we were all so bowled over by its exoticism, hilarity, excitement, and characters, the likes of which we hadn't seen on U.S. TV, and have seen precious little as good since! Bring the gals back!!

Jane said...

Wow, Jeri I love your comments, and agree with them 100%. Glad to see you and your amazing, funny, wonderful thoughts on the Nose!