Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cavemen is FINALLY Here (Admit it, You Thought it was Funny Too)


After all the Sturm and Drang...after all the critical wailing and gnashing of teeth, CAVEMEN, the ABC comedy based on the Geico car insurance commercial is finally here. (Tuesday nights at 8pm) It wasn't even remotely terrible. The Cavemen dudes are funny, sensitive, smart and extremely introspective. They play a mean game of squash. They seem like they would be good boyfriends. After the initial creep-out over the fact that they all look like the hind end of a Chow Chow dog...they are even sort of (dare I say it) cute. I predict the one with glasses and the hair tie is going to be a breakout character. I bet the ratings ROCKED. (Had to include at least one Stone-Age pun). If the writers keep up the snappy banter between this furry cast, Cavemen could actually make it. Take that all you snobby, elitist critics of little faith! Oh and Kudos to ABC for finding other advertisers to incorporate some sort of "caveman...historical figure...Viking" theme in many of the national spots. The whole half hour just screamed "Geico" and we never even saw a Geico ad. Very clever ABC, how much did they pay you? On the Jane-O-Meter scale of 1-10, Cavemen is a solid 7.5.

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Lisa said...

I watched it this morning on the ABC site, on your recommendation, and also didn't hate it a bit. I loved that it didn't have a laugh track, and it was clever, too. Though I liked the line "Keep your penis in your Genus" I'm always a little creeped out by body parts mentioned at 8pm, and I would think kids will be watching this for sure. Ah well...I guess I have a tiny bit of old fogey in me! I think I'd watch again, or at least watch on the computer! Thanks for a great review for the Nose!