Friday, August 10, 2007

Stay Tuned for Our Fall Preview!

The summer isn't the best time to start a blog, although thanks to the cable networks taking advantage of broadcast network reruns, we have essentially a summer season, which is a relatively new idea. Both TNT (Saving Grace) and FX (Damages) have new shows which we haven't covered yet, which probably means no Flaming Nosers have been been watching them, though Damages is sounding good and we need to catch up on it. We'll try to get something up on them (although for personal and ex-professional reasons I boycott all Turner entertainment networks except TCM so don't hold your breath! :-) ).

We've already spoken here about USA's successful Burn Notice, which has turned out to be an entertaining romp with lots of sizzling fun and which happily utilizes its veteran supporting co-stars -- the delightful Bruce Campbell and equally delightful Sharon Gless -- to great effect. It's been renewed for additional episodes, a good move, and I personally wish it all the luck in the world.

One thing I'm always a little amused by is the announcement that a show has been renewed for another season, in that a season isn't exactly what a season used to be. In the broadcast world it's still traditionally probably 22 episodes or so, but in the cable world, seasons are 13 episodes at most and sometimes less. Going the distance doesn't quite mean what it used to, does it?

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Jane said...

It does seem as if TV seasons are shrinking. But all things considered, I'd rather have 13 episodes of a Sopranos or 6 Feet Under or even Flight of the Conchords than 32 episodes of The Love Boat or Three's Company!