Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm in love with "Flight of the Conchords" too!

FN Correspondent Jane was right on top of this one, writing a wonderful entry about HBO's incredibly delightful, utterly hilarious and totally addicting "Flight of the Conchords" here on July 8th.

I've finally caught up with and am completely smitten with the show, as is Jane, and love Jermaine more than I can say. To Jane's description of the show, which she described as part "Monkees" and part "Cop Rock", I would add I find some similarities with one of my favorite out-there British comedies, also featuring two guys and a fair bit of music, "The Mighty Boosh".

One of my favorite songs is from Episode 5, a crazy get-down song about Jermaine and his girlfriend having sex, called "Business Time"; watch the clip of it from the show, then watch the equally hilarious live concert version.

Be sure to catch up with it; you will love it and will become as obsessed as Jane and I are! Check out the show's HBO website for the schedule and you can also download the lyrics for all their amazing songs. They're also a hilarious "Bowie in Space" song where they talk about, among other things, Bowie's nipple antennae.

Stuff like this shouldn't be missed. It makes life worth living, kids.


Jane said...

Oh I am so glad that Lisa has discovered the greated comedy show on TV. When Jermaine starred as a dream vision David Bowie, I was so enthralled that I spent at least a half hour discussing it with my sister Karine. The songs are so off the charts funny and weird, they have become the best part of the show. Personnally, I would love to have Jermaine's funny Sex song on my iPod so I could watch it over and over.

Jane said...

Here's a hot tip for all the iTunes subscribers out there. HBO has posted about a dozen Video Blogs of Flight of the Conchords and you can download them to your PC or iPod for free. Including two entire episodes and both Bret and Jermaine being interviewed out of character! And an absolutely hilarious video of Mel the stalker comparing Bret and Jermaine to types of cheese. Now I can carry my New Zealand boys around with me on my iPod, how cool is that?