Friday, February 27, 2015

Remembering One of the Classiest Actors, Who Created one of the Classiest Characters, on THE Classiest TV Franchise Ever

It's been a long time since I've posted on The Flaming Nose.  Nothing can get me back here faster than the death of a beloved Star Trek actor.  Fewer characters have become more iconic than Mr. Spock.

I will try to make this brief.  Let's start with Star Trek being one of the first prime time television shows I remember seeing first-run.  I was six years old when it debuted and loved it from the first act of the first episode.  Spock was one of the main ingredients in a recipe that would turn out the most delicious television and movie franchises in modern entertainment.  Spock and Star Trek transcend Sci-Fi.

On to Leonard Nimoy.  A man who always embraced his Spock alter-ego without fear of it typecasting him for the rest of his career.  Every interview I've seen and article I've read indicate he was a class act.  His character no less classy - pure logic wrapped in the package of a loyal friend and commandant.  The actors who portrayed the main characters in the original series created magic, and although Star Trek Ruler-of-the-Universe Gene Roddenberry created them, and the writers put the brilliant words in their mouths, these superb actors literally created their personas.  Nimoy led the charge with a myriad of nuances and acting choices that turned Spock into the beloved Vulcan we came to know.

Nimoy was truly a gifted actor.  Beyond Star Trek, he was superb in Mission Impossible.  There in lies a huge connection to The Flaming Nose.  Both Trek and Mission were Desilu Productions - projects personally championed by Lucille Ball.  After those endeavors, Nimoy hosted a non-fiction (some would say) seventies TV classic, "In Search Of..."  

Nimoy was also a film director, poet and photographer.  
Leonard Nimoy, dead at age 83.  RIP.


Mitchell Hadley said...

Good writeup, Scott. Gone, but never forgotten.

Lisa said...

The Flaming Nose has been and always will be a friend to the legacy of the wonderful Mr. Nimoy. My favorite actor from my favorite show...thank you for posting this lovely remembrance. xoxoxo