Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday to All-Around Funnyman Larry Storch!

We'd like to wish a very Happy 92nd to veteran funnyman Larry Storch, probably best remembered for his hilarious co-starring role as Corporal Agarn on the classic western-set sitcom (a pretty rare genre!) F Troop which ran for two years beginning in 1965.  His stint on the show is just a small example of the versatile and still actively performing Storch's repertoire.  His childhood in NYC started the ball rolling as the natural-born mimic began effortlessly imitating the various accents he heard in his polyglot neighborhood.  This uncanny ability plus his undeniable comic flair set him firmly on the road to becoming a stand-up comic during the late years of the Depression.

After a stint in the Navy during WWII, Storch established himself as a versatile comedic performer on stage, in radio, on recordingsin movies and especially on TV in a plethora of appearances including a huge body of work doing animation voices.  Even a quick glance at his credits on IMDb reveals Storch's contributions to be vast and impressive -- click here to take a look!

We'll celebrate with some highlights from his TV work.  Enjoy! First up, how about Larry in an early 1960s appearance on Car 54, Where Are You? with Fred Gwynne and Joe E. Ross:

Here is the first season black and white F Troop theme; the 2nd season color version sans lyrics can be watched by clicking here.

Here he is in a 1965 segment of the variety show Hollywood Palace; he's introduced here by Janet Leigh:

And here's a wonderful hour-long interview with Larry Storch by comedian Gilbert Gottfried onhis The Amazing Colossal Podcast from just a couple of months ago:

Click here for a terrific post on the Tralfaz: Cartoons & Tralfazian Stuff blog all about Larry Storch's enduring friendship with actor Tony Curtis which began when they served on the same submarine during WWII.  Also terrific is this account (click here) of Storch's stint as Mayor for a Day of Fort Lee, New Jersey, last June. and this one of his appearance at L.A.'s The Comedy Store in September.  Be sure to become friends with him on Facebook, too -- click here.  You will also enjoy this interview with him on the Classic Television Showbiz blog, click here to access.

What a trouper!  He's a hard-working and incredibly talented show business veteran with the kind of energy we all dream of having.  What an inspiration!

Happy Birthday, Larry Storch, and many more!

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Hal said...

Great tribute! Mr. Storch's facebook page has plenty of pics from his party. Quite a big year for Larry since he received his star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame in September.