Friday, September 5, 2014

Remembering Joan Rivers: "The Girl Most Likely To" from 1973

Fans of 1970's era TV movies will very fondly remember the terrific little dark comedy penned by the late Joan Rivers (and Agnes Gallin, story by Rivers) entitled The Girl Most Likely To, from November of 1973.  Starring a twenty-year old Stockard Channing in her first major movie or TV role and co-starring Ed Asner and a slew of comic (and non-) actors such as Jim Backus, Chuck McCann, Ruth McDevitt, Joe Flynn, Carl Ballantine, Larry Wilcox and Warren Berlinger, TGMLT is a classic revenge comedy played to perfection by its expert cast.

Stockard plays ugly duckling Miriam Knight and what happens after she gets into an automobile accident and undergoes restorative plastic surgery is what The Girl Most Likely To is all about.
The movie got a DVD release a few years ago though many of us already held this one in our hearts and minds all these years in a special place.  It's a favorite of many, including Christopher Laverty's Clothes on Film blog which celebrated one of Stockard's costumes in the movie and Bobby Rivers on his blog where he writes about the movie here.

For those of you who don't have the DVD, we are pleased to present The Girl Most Likely To right here.  Enjoy this terrific example of Joan Rivers' savage wit and keen perceptions about humanity:

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