Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Nose-talgia #24: James Doohan-- The World's Greatest Starship Engineer!

Today we remember a talented character who became a pop culture icon by virtue of his honored place on the crew of the original starship Enterprise on the legendary Star Trek. D-Day veteran James Doohan, who passed away on this date nine years ago, had been a solid constantly working actor particularly adept at voices and accents at the time he was cast as Montgomery Scott.  Doohan's winning characterization and Mr. Scott's technical prowess made the Chief Engineer a lynchpin on the Enterprise whether down in his engine room, on the bridge, or along with his fellow crewmen on a surface mission.

Doohan passed away nine years ago today, the 2nd of the main Star Trek actors to go (DeForest Kelley died in 1999).  However as we all know, if you've been on Star Trek, immortality is yours.

Here's an assortment of Scotty-ness in honor of our favorite Chief Engineer and the man who portrayed him but first a few of his other TV roles to get a sense of what he was doing before Mr. Scott:

James Doohan also made a wonderful guest appearance as Scotty on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation entitled "Relics":

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