Saturday, October 26, 2013

What else can be said? Golden Girls Lego!

That's right! One dedicated fan is currently selling these hand-made sets through their Etsy store. While sold out at the moment, the "Golden Girls" Lego set creator told The Huffington Post that he would have 100 more in stock at some point over the weekend.  
Makes me wonder if there's a market for Lucy Lego.  I'd immediately have to build a replica of the Ricardo's apartment.  Oh, to have Fred & Ethel at each other's plastic throat.  Or... will the copyright police clamp down on all this?  Food for thought, entrepreneurs!

You can read the original story in the Huffington Post - Gay Voices


Lisa said...

This is wonderful! More classic TV sets would be a sure winner for those of us out of the traditional Lego demo!! Thanks for bringing this wonderful news to us! I hope the stores in St. Olaf will be featuring them in their windows this Xmas!!

Jane said...

Getting the rights to do it is probably the major stumbling block. I know I've seen Star Trek legos and I think I've actually had a Spock at one time. Lucy would be sublime. I also think Mad Men would be a HOOT! Love this!