Tuesday, April 2, 2013

She Had the Mark of Gideon: Happy Birthday to Sharon Acker!

We'd like to extend a Happy Birthday today to actress Sharon Acker, a talented beauty who enjoyed a terrific career playing mostly on series TV during the 1960s through the 1980s.  Of course we're going to particularly shout-out her Star Trek appearance in the third season episode The Mark of Gideon.  Remember that one?  She was the lost young woman who was trapped on a deserted version of the Enterprise with Captain Kirk, and every so often the windows would open and they'd see these creepy figures staring in at them. 

Nobody is crazy about the episode -- a lot of the third season entries strike fans that way -- but at least The Mark of Gideon was saying something about overpopulation.  (I don't want to give away more of the plot in case anyone hasn't seen it.)

In any case, Ms. Acker was a lovely Odona, and if you watched any series TV during that time you'd have seen her on just about every program -- The Wild Wild West, Get Smart, Gunsmoke, Alias Smith and Jones, It Takes a Thief, The Bold Ones, Mission: Impossible, The Mod Squad, McMillan and Wife and so on.  Check out her full list of career credits here.  She had a good role as Lee Marvin's wife in the big-screen tough guy thriller Point Blank in 1967, but most of this Canada-born actress' work -- and there was plenty of it -- was on the small screen.

Sharon Acker is included in this clever compilation of Star Trek and Mission: Impossible actor crossovers:

She's also featured in this Get Smart/Star Trek crossover video:

The Flaming Nose wishes she had continued her career into the 1990s and beyond-- her last credit is from 1989 -- but as we've noted around here before, all you need to have done is one Star Trek and you are a TV immortal. 

Happy April 2nd Birthday, Sharon Acker!

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