Saturday, August 4, 2012


We hope that you're anxiously -- excitedly -- awaiting the landing of NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover which will take place at 1:31am Eastern time this Monday morning, only about 40 hours away from now as of this very moment.  You should check out NASA's Curiosity website for all the latest information on this historic mission, which NASA so creatively and dramatically showcased in the incredibly popular video "7 Minutes of Terror".  Enjoy!

There are mass-viewing events scheduled around the world, including a big one in NYC's Times Square at 11:30pm on Sunday evening, and of course great TV coverage planned.  NASA TV will of course be providing continuous coverage, online and on their channel if you are lucky enough to have it on your system. 

How could we not also bring to you another terrific NASA video, this one narrated by our favorite starship captain William Shater, entitled "The Grand Entrance" and all about the history of this incredible exploratory mission to the Red Planet.  Enjoy this one, too!

The purpose of Curiosity is to try to determine if Mars ever harbored the building blocks of life as we know it.  As NASA explains, it's not just a geological rover, but a geochemical explorer looking for the chemical elements leading to microbial life.  Be sure to go to NASA's Curiosity Mission Page for a huge selection of fascinating videos and other information that will get you totally prepared for Sunday/Monday's incredible landing. 

Afterwards, Science Channel will be premiering their Mars Landing 2012 special on Monday evening at 10pm Eastern/Pacific time, with essentially same-day coverage of the mission, with no doubt their trademark high production quality.  We're big fans of Science Channel around here; so many great shows and that crazy little eggy logo!

This is the Universe, kids!  Enjoy it while you can!

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