Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Article in "Vanity Fair" about TV's Class War!

I ran across a terrific story today written by Vanity Fair contributing editor James Wolcott about the current state of the haves and have-nots on prime time television.  We especially love that Flaming Nose Favorite Louis C.K. and his incredible unique FX comedy Louie rises to the top of the assessment.  What Wolcott loves about Louie is precisely what we do, too.  (Not to mention that one of my favorite scenes ANYWHERE lately is the one in the episode "Bummer/Blueberries" where the homeless man loses his head -- literally.  Shocking, hilarious, unbelievable!)  Also many good mentions of Breaking Bad, another of our big faves around here.

You can and should check out "From Revenge to Modern Family, The Class Warfare of Prime Time Television" from Vanity Fair right now!

 Also, Louie returns with new episodes this June!

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Jane said...

My Vanity Fair hasn't come yet, but you've certainly whet my appetite with this article. It sounds divine!