Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Louis CK Honored by Time Magazine

By now many of you may have heard that the annual Time Magazine "Person of the Year" is a nod to all the people world wide who have effected change through protest movements. Governments were toppled in the middle east and here in the U.S. the Occupy Wall Street movement has gained momentum in just a few months time.

This issue of Time Magazine also honors many others who made a difference in 2011, and one of them is our very own beloved Louis CK. Actually, the Flaming Nose has been pointing out for over a year that Louis CK is the most brilliant comedian and his television show is light years ahead of anything we've ever seen on TV.

We are so happy to see that Time Magazine agrees, by selecting him as one of their "People Who Mattered" in 2011. He's in very good company. Other winners include singer Adele, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, billionaire Warren Buffet and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Very cool Louis! Congratulations from the Flaming Nose!

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