Sunday, November 13, 2011

Something Uplifting For Your Sunday Evening on gmc!

It gives me great pleasure to pass along, on behalf of one of my former bosses, news of some perfect family programming tonight on gmc.  gmc used to be called "Gospel Music Channel" when it started in 2004, but a re-branding in early 2010 broadened the scope somewhat but didn't change the channel's mission to provide uplifting entertainment for its broad and loyal fan base.  There's still lots of music on gmc, but also a nice selection of family-friendly and immensely-watchable-for-anyone series such as Early Edition, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Doc, and Sue Thomas FBEye (about which Judith wrote a terrific post a while back when she interviewed series producer Joan Considine; definitely check it out!).

Tonight gmc proudly presents the very recent feature film The 5th Quarter, the dramatic true story of a Georgia family whose terrible personal loss ultimately brought their family back together and also inspired countless others in their community and beyond.  It's a story that nobody wants to live out for themselves, but watching it we can thankfully glean the message without having to feel the pain, or at least only a tiny sliver of it. 

We can all relate to the anguish of losing a family member -- there must be nothing like a sudden death to roil the senses -- but what comes after is the thing that everybody has to experience for themselves.  What the Abbate family did was go forward in several different ways, and you'll see how they did it in this thoughtful film.  The cast is impressive -- Aidan Quinn, Andie MacDowell, Ryan Merriman -- and though it did have a theatrical release, The 5th Quarter will probably feel best on TV.  It's in the great tradition of timeless TV movies such as Brian's Song and the acclaimed series Friday Night Lights; The 5th Quarter should find a very appreciative audience tonight. 

You've probably already figured out that football plays a part in the movie, and it's an element that helps The 5th Quarter reach out even further in its appeal. 

For more information on the movie, you should visit the official website of The 5th Quarter.  You can learn more about the Abbate family at their Luke Abbate 5th Quarter Foundation site, where you can also find out and help with the continuing good works going on in his name.  You should also get acquainted with gmc at their channel website; there's a lot going on there.

The 5th Quarter premieres on gmc tonight at 7pm with an encore at 9pm, following a nice selection of football-oriented movies such as Rudy beginning at 2pm.

P.S.:  You might enjoy watching the official theatrical trailer for The 5th Quarter, which is a bit longer than the new gmc promo.

You also might enjoy the song "Live and Breathe" from The 5th Quarter, sung by Stacy Earle who also stars in the movie.

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