Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Very Heavy Burtation on "30 Rock"!

Though I did a couple of posts about the Serene Branson Grammy incident last February and asked for more empathy, I definitely thought the reference in this week's 30 Rock episode was hilarious. In an uneven hour-long episode celebrating the show-within-a-show TGS's 100th show, there's a gas leak in the building, resulting in everybody getting hallucinations and making show producer Pete (Scott Adsit) give a very interesting answer when examined by Dr. Leo Spaceman (the always hilarious Chris Parnell):

If you watched the show with the Closed Captions on, you'd see that they spelled the now-a-word "burtation" with an "e" but otherwise it was fascinating to see what an amazing job Adsit did with this almost throwaway bit.

If anything, his bewilderment was even more touching than Serene's when she was actually on-air during the incident. Even though I thought there was too little kindness when this incident first happened, I think enough time has gone by that it's fair game comedy-wise now. (Yes, I really do.)

Anyway, kudos to 30 Rock for picking up on this fleeting bit of media flurry and turning it into a funny moment!

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