Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Mega Quake" on National Geographic Channel Tonight!

If timing is everything, then National Geographic Channel really hit the jackpot this week. They happen to have their not-brand-new but completely fascinating special Mega Quake on tonight at 8pm, about the possibility of a huge temblor hitting the highly-populated Western United States and triggering a tsunami, similar to the horrible earthquake in Japan only a few days ago. Here's a preview:

The theories contained in Mega Quake will surely strike home even more deeply after seeing the news coverage of the ongoing devastation caused by Japan's offshore 8.9 rattler and the subsequent tsunami. The footage was horrifying, and viewers have been unable to stop watching, me included.

Mega Quake airs tonight at 8pm eastern on National Geographic Channel, with an encore at 11pm also. You might also be interested in Finding Atlantis which airs immediately after Mega Quake; it's an intriguing look at the efforts to once and for all try to locate the mysterious legendary city which was fabled to have sunk beneath the sea following a tremendous earthquake in ancient times.

Though they're exciting and visually arresting, it's also crucial to watch programs like Mega Quake for the practical information that might help you survive a monster earthquake someday. You can't prevent one from happening, but you certainly can prepare for it ahead of time.

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