Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Episodes" Season 1 Final Episode on Showtime Tonight!

The first season of Showtime's comedy Episodes concludes tonight at 9:30p with episode 7, a short run but one with many laughs and some charming performances by a great cast. We covered Episodes here a couple of weeks ago, and hope that you've checked in on it and discovered its somewhat snarky charms. Of course we like the British element of it, but we've also been impressed by Matt LeBlanc's work, in the broader moments and also in the more reflective sequences. Plus, he looks terrific and his work here proves that whatever zing he brought to Friends wasn't an accident. He's really good.

Here's one of those broader moments from last week's episode:

That episode also brought an unexpected plot development, repercussions of which will doubtless be address this week, and how! Not sure if I thought it was particularly true to at least one of the characters involved, but hey, it's Hollywood and anything can happen!

Here's a clip from tonight's finale, as the sitcom-within-a-sitcom, the horribly-mangled-for-America-"Pucks" concludes shooting, to decidedly not universal approbation.

I can't locate info whether or not Episodes has been renewed for a second season yet, but naturally we're rooting for one. Do check out our previous post for some other work by Tamsin Greig and Steven Mangan which you'll enjoy if you've discovered them in Episodes.

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