Thursday, September 23, 2010

William $#*!ner Rules!

We know you're not expecting much from tonight's premiere of William Shatner's new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says -- at least not if you've been reading anything about it -- but we still love Shatner and will be thinking good thoughts for his latest venture.

Shatner is one of those guys who has managed to create a vivid persona that straddles his real life and his screen life, and his very special position as one of the most iconic pop culture figures in American history. For pete's sake, he's Captain Kirk! What else do you need?

Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote a piece in today's Salon about Shatner, and makes merry with the old "he's a bad actor" gag line, but he's really not. Shatner is a wonderful actor, a marvelous stylist who started out as a classically trained thespian and soon enough learned how to make a living at it, and it was things like Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits and Star Trek that paid the bills. Not subtle? Perhaps not, but certainly effective.

We want to see him in commercials, not because we think he's an authority, but because we like him. We truly do.

So let's all take a look at $#*! My Dad Says, tonight at 8:30p on CBS, because it's $#*! Shatner Says, and that's a good enough reason for us.

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