Saturday, May 1, 2010

Churchill and Daleks and Who, Oh My!

Hope you've been loving -- as we have -- Matt Smith's wonderful performance as the latest incarnation of Doctor Who, as seen on BBC America, et al. He's doing a tremendous job in keeping the excitement level high, the humor crisp and contemporary, and the sense of intelligence palpable, bristling and inspirational. There simply is no other show that so well combines good old fashioned Saturday afternoon serial-esque thrills and chills, out-of-this-world science fiction wonders, a crazy, unique and often hilarious P.O.V., and yet manages to always leave this viewer, at least, with a feeling that the world is an all right place, indeed. Not many things can give you that, I'll wager. Fun and philosophy, imagine that...

Tonight in "Victory of the Daleks" the Doctor and his spunky companion Amy Pond find themselves in WW II-era Britain, complete with Winston Churchill and the return of one of the best DW villains ever. I can't say enough good things about the Doctor, and if you haven't checked it him yet, I urge you to wait no longer.

Doctor Who airs tonight on BBC America at 8pm, with several encores. Don't miss it!


Jane said...

Alas, I don't even have BBC America on my dumber than dumb Comcast contract, even though most months I pay close to $200. Don't even have Nat Geo except for On Demand, which is beyond pitiful. Time to call Dish or AT&T! :(

Lisa said...

That is shocking! At least you can find "Doctor Who" online here and there. I am hoping that I will be better satisfied by my new Verizon Fios service in Sarasota once we get there -- it's supposed to be pretty great. Looking forward to it! You might also look into DirecTV -- I have been pretty happy with it and pay around 100 for about everything, thought not hdtv stuff. Time to dump comcast, I'd say!