Friday, February 5, 2010

Temple Grandin on HBO

Heads up from the Nose about an extraordinary (do they make any other kind?) film on HBO Saturday night at 8pm (2-06-2010). "Temple Grandin" is the true story of an autistic woman who overcomes an isolating and little understood affliction, to become a world renowned scientist and animal behavior specialist.

Born in 1947, Dr. Grandin struggled to find her way. Many folks were (are) routinely teased in high school for being a little "out of the box". Temple Grandin endured gulag level torture and ostracism in high school. Through the grace of a favorite science teacher, she persevered and ultimately emerged as one of the world's most accomplished experts in the study of livestock behavior.

Temple Grandin features Claire Danes in the title role as well as Julia Ormond, Cathryn O'Hara and David Strathairn.


Lisa said...

I can't wait to watch this and have been anticipating it for a while now! Thanks for bringing attention to it -- and what a cast!

Jane said...

Claire Danes is headed for an Emmy on this one. Her performance was so pitch perfect. I forgot she was an actress. I also loved Cathryn O'Hara, who we normally see in crazy comedy roles. Here she is rock solid as Temple's pragmatic and compassionate rancher auntie.