Monday, January 4, 2010

The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Episode is Coming!

Heads up everybody, the Fox network is turning yellow next week in honor of the longest running TV comedy of all time. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie will be celebrating a 20th birthday on Sunday, January 10th at 8pm, with a special anniversary episode on Fox television. The 450th episode of the world's most lovable and dysfunctional family is called "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" and it promises to unleash your inner Simpson, no matter which character is your cup of tea. Personally, I'm quite fond of Groundskeeper Willie the Scotsman and I loved the U2 guest cameo from about a million seasons ago.

My son quite literally grew up with this venerable series. He claims that it "jumped the shark" about 8 years ago, but that still leaves a dozen year's worth of wonder to celebrate this coming Sunday. This special is for anyone who's ever coveted Homer's pink donut, or pondered the relationship between Mr. Burns and his assistant, or wondered why Lisa plays the saxophone or....well the list goes on and on and on. Don't have a cow or anything, but Reagan was the President when The Simpsons debuted as a segment on fledgling Fox network's "Tracy Ullman Show" in 1987. The 80's and The Gipper are long gone, but Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and crew still keep churning out original episodes week after week.

For that reason alone, it will be worth checking out the 450th episode on Sunday, as well as an incredible anniversary special on 1-14-2010 called THE SIMPSONS 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL-IN 3-D-ON ICE! Don't miss it for a reminder of why this series has won a grand total of 24 Emmy awards over the years.


Lisa said...

Believe it or not, and it's a horrible gap in my TV brain, I've never been a regular viewer of "The Simpsons". I've always said that I will one day start savoring these from the beginning -- sounds like a a full-time job, unfortunately!

Congrats for this great heads-up for us all, Jan!

Jane said...

Yeah, it's probably too late to catch up on 20 years worth of episodes! :) But as I pointed out through my "Professional" Simpsons viewer Tommy, you really only need to focus on the first twelve years!